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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Thoughts on Lyme

Four years on since very first visit here and that was only on a whim.... ...........and now a well ensconced resident......some thoughts......there is a magic about the place. an aura or atmosphere which pervades the air and seems to be in the fabric of each building.......a sense of being, a sense of history, a sense of permanence.....the houses dizzingly tumble down towards the sea as though they are in motion.....and when they reach the sea, there is a challenge to be met, questions to be asked.....inviting the sea to do its worst.....which it can do......and.....yet the sea has never quite held mastery over the town and its people. And although the mortal remains of those that have loved and lived here have crumbled returned to dust, their spirit and love of Lyme lives on......their phantoms and shades are sensed and heard as quiet footsteps echoing through the ancient lanes, seen as fleeting shadows out of the corner of the eye....and heard as half caught conversations carried on the breeze. Lyme says " Love me.....and I will love you back" And you do. For it is so. David

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