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Monday, 23 January 2012

The Affair In Transylvania

In a way there is nothing too surprising plot-wise in Gerry O' Hara's pastiche. The author follows Bram Stoker's Dracula quite closely with minor deviations. This is what you could term a 'drop-in' bok whereby our faithful friends are dropped into the action of Stoker's original. Sounds simple? Well, it's not. Where Mr O' Hara scores his points is with his characterisation of Holmes and Watson which is rendered authentically and skilfully. Never at any time do we get the impression they are adrift in someone else's novel. All the elements of the original are there, but pared down and readily accessible. You might think the pitting of Holmes against Dracula has been done to death and the best thing for the whole Holmes/Dracula 'canon' is to drive a stake through its heart.....but......not so. As long as writers of the calibre of Gerry O' Hara can continue to keep the format fresh, exciting and entertaining, then bring it on folks! Worthy of a place on any Holmesian ( or anybody's ) bookshelf, it stands comparison with the very best in this blood-filled field of Holmesian pastiche.

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