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Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Great Sherlock Holmes Debate 2

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the Great Sherlock Holmes Debate2, although technically I invited myself. The event was organised by Steve Emecz of MX Publishing and he did a sterling job. It was a pleasure to meet so many authors and Holmes commentators in one place, although technically it was two places as the debate carried on in a lighter vein at the Sherlock Holmes pub.

On the previous evening I had shared a pint with Phil Growick, a Holmes author from New York, although technically we did not actually share a pint..that would have involved a straw, strange looks form the clientele of the Argyll Arms and intimacy of an altogther too forward a nature for two strangers.

Nick Briggs ( the 'voice' of the Daleks) put forward the point of view of Team 3, the Traditionalists, with humour and insight, but maybe not quite as forthrightly as Roger Johnson of the SHSL who pulled no punches although technically no actual punches were thrown unless I missed out on the acttion whilst purloining a Jaffa cake. Myself and the aforementioned Phil Growick were closeted in a room with two of the Baker Street Babes and Vida Starcevic althought technically Vida is a babe, although not a Baker Street one, although technically.........

The debate ran through all aspects of Holmesian adaptations and there was even a mention of Lord Lucan (you had to be there!). All views were expressed lovingly, concisely and with much thought.....even mine, yes I did have something to say althought technically it was not much as it was hard to get a word in with my fellow room members although technically they were not all fellows as you might have noticed from the use of the word 'babe'. I believe I am correct in saying that neither Phil or myself have even been described as babes, but then I know so little about Phil's murky past!

For the train ride home I was fortunate enough to have in my possession Tim Symond's foray into the world of Sherlock Holmes literature. Also, I picked up a copy of Amy Thomas's take on Holmes and the woman although technically I stole it!

To finish off the evening I shared a coffee (although get the idea) with the Baker Street Babes down by the Thames although technically Timothy was not a babe either although quite cool.

So to the train. So to bed.

Save Undershaw folks!!!!

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Phil said...

David is correct, as always: my past is shady, murky, muddy, deep, dark and impenetrable. But I like teddy bears and help little old ladies across the street. Whether they want to go there or not. - The aforementioned Phil Growick