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Monday, 15 October 2012

A 'Missing Snowman' review...

Charlotte Smith has posted a lovely review of 'Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Snowman'.

In part it reads:

'In his latest book Sherlock Holmes And The Missing Snowman, David Ruffle has had very young readers of Sherlock Holmes in mind when he wrote this book and the theme of the book is a charming tale of a very distraught young client who comes to Sherlock Holmes at the height of the Christmas festivities with a singular case of a missing snowman which had disappeared in mysterious circumstances!.....What makes this story stands out however are the absolutely superb colourful illustrations presented throughout the book. They are rich in detail and obviously done with much love of the characters portrayed.  Children will love seeing these pictures and will come back to them over and over again to take in and enjoy the attention to detail of the artwork done.  Even adult readers of Sherlock Holmes would appreciate them for the quality of the illustrations....Sherlock Holmes And The Missing Snowman will make a fine addition to the Christmas stocking of  young readers of Sherlock Holmes and I can see this book doing well, not only in the children’s section of bookshops up and down the country but also in libraries and schools too.'

To read the review in full, go to My Tin Dispatch Box


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