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Monday, 13 January 2014


The third series of Sherlock came to an end last night. (The BBC announcer insisted on calling it the Season Finale!!  AAArrrggghhhhh..annoying!!). Mixed feelings for me, I thought the first two
episodes were more a triumph of style over substance, enjoyable style yes, but plots seem to have been sacrificed somewhat. The balance was redressed a little in the final episode which featured very strong performances from all the cast. Lars Mikkelson was a very creepy CAM, eerily reminiscent of Robert Hardy's mesmerising CAM in the Granada series. There were the usual nods towards the canon as there have been throughout the series. It helps in keeping the Holmes purists on board. The character of Mary Watson had a big part to play, which should not have come as any surprise to those who heard Sherlock reading out a telegram at the wedding addressed to her and signed CAM. Whatever misgivings I may have regarding the whole style/substance thing it undeniably works and is very, very entertaining. It will be interesting to see where the series goes from here...if anywhere. And there I was waiting for 'an east wind coming'....and right at the death, there it was. Perhaps it's not Sherlock Holmes as many of us know him, but it is still a recognisable Holmes brought to life superbly by Benedict Cumberbatch. Excellent.

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Joe Riggs said...

As always love your thoughts! Completely agree about the first two episodes. Yet there was much redemption in the finale. Oh and reading this finally reminds me to add your lovely blog to the list of recommended blogs on my own. Doing that now. ;) Also about to crack open another one of your brilliant books. Thanks David!

David Ruffle said...

Thanks, Joe!!

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