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Sunday, 15 June 2014


The Second Life of Sally Mottram is David Nobbs's latest 'comic' 'humorous' novel. You know how it is, you see a review which tells you how the book in question is 'heart-warming' or 'uplifting' and you think ho-hum, really? Well, let me tell you, this novel really is. It tells the story of how one woman, Sally Mottram (but you guessed that) sets out to rescue her town from a terminal decline.
This is something she cannot accomplish alone and with a small band of helpers and supporters she sets out to restore pride to her home town of Potherthwaite. We are introduced to this motley band at a leisurely pace, giving us time to identify with them and get to know them. We learn of their weaknesses, their foibles. David Nobbs's humour is, as always, nicely observed..not forced in anyway. The humour comes from the characters themselves, no funny lines tacked on at random here. The build up to the big day when Sally delivers her speech outlining her plans on the Town Hall steps may be leisurely, but it's involving and is a mix of comedy plus the odd tragedy which David is so adept at. From the moment Sally addresses the townfolk, the novel really moves forward at a pace, the effect for the reader as for the people of the town is uplifting. I found the book very moving and very funny. Sally's second life is really the gift of giving a second life to others. She is changed, they are changed and ultimately we are changed through the experience. The novel is a triumph and is one of David Nobbs's very best which considering his output is high praise indeed. Actually, thinking about it some more, it may well be his best novel. I loved it....can you tell? Heart-warming and there.

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