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Thursday, 7 June 2012

End Peace

With the publication of Holmes and Watson: End Peace today I felt a few more words of explanation may be necessary. Virtually every mention of the book that I have seen is coupled with the word 'controversy', now I am sure I have never been controverial in my life so perhaps I should bask and delight in it. To my mind, I have taken themes that have been used before and remarked upon by others and given them my own twist......and I stand by the fact there is nothing in End Peace that is at odds with the Holmesian Canon. I see that the only 'daring' thing is to have produced a novella which is all dialogue apart from the opening and closing paragraphs; I had in my mind something cinematic where the camera creeps in ( think of the roving, searching camera in the opening of Citizen Kane) observes the action then pulls back at the story's conclusion. Some may wonder why there is no mention of Lyme Regis or Watson's love, Beatrice. This is a stand-alone story which references the canon freely, to reference my other works would have negated the effect I wanted or wished for. Sherlock Holmes and the Scarborough Affair shows no such reticence and name-checks Lyme and its inhabitants (the Lyme Regis novella number three is underway too!).

I suppose with 'End Peace' I wanted to try something different, a serious piece which stands or falls on its own merits without being bolstered or otherwise by short pieces, poems and humour (although there is humour in it, at least I should say that I attempted to inject some humour into the proceedings). Whether I succeded or not I leave for others to judge.

Holmes and Watson: End Peace is available in more places and formats than you can shake a stick at. Enjoy.

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