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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Murder At The Lodore Falls

Charlotte Smith's 'Murder At The Lodore Falls' took me by surprise a little. Let me explain; I met Charlotte in 2009 during a Sherlock Holmes 'get-together' and a lovely warm-hearted person she was ( and presumably still is!) so the description of the violence meted out to various characters in her novella came out of the blue. The violence is stark, uncompromising and affecting, but offers a counterpoint to the friendship on display, notably of course that of Holmes and Watson. The main story is plausible and exciting and Charlotte has done a great job in recreating the atmosphere of the originals, even allowing for the fact that these accounts are not narrated by Watson. Life in Baker Street is portrayed with great skill and love and as we all know, 'no one writes of Holmes without love'. Charlotte is not alone in her belief in the strong bond that connects Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John H Watson and the scenes of the two men together in these three stories are very touching.
 Miss Smith.....can we have more please? 

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