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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The Tempest of Lyme: A Poem...

Clemmie in the theatre one day
Decided she must stage a play
But which play? Aye, there’s the rub
She thought about it some more at the pub
She danced with delight as she had a notion
(Just think of Little Eva or Kylie doing the Locomotion!)
‘Ah,’ she cried, ‘it must be the Tempest!’
‘For Lyme’s very own Shakespearefest.’
She set out to find a cast so true
Or failing that, any old motley crew
How about telling the story of Sir George Somers of Lyme
Brilliant idea...and all before tea-time.
Clemmie was now in desperate need of a writer
She had an idea. True, he was a bit of a blighter
But she was happy to offer the task to Andy
After all, he would do it for ten bob and a bottle of brandy.
Ah, but there is music and the occasional song
To delight the expected throng
A musical director must be hired
One universally admired
Or maybe just Mr Dickson
As unimpeachable as Richard Nixon!!
We were all invited to audition
And this of our own volition!
We learned to breathe, we learned to laugh
While Clemmie plotted it all on a graph.
And now begins all the hard work
From which we cannot shirk
Not even for a minute
O Brave new world that has such people in't

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