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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Tempest of Lyme...An interview with Fred Humphrey

Fred Humphrey has been trying to act since his schooldays, (mainly as the women (!) as Lady Macbeth, Lady Bracknell, Mrs Noah, and others) and then with numerous local societies in Wimbledon, then in Norfolk, and Surrey. He worked mainly backstage at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton, for touring productions whilst at University, and combined his love of theatre with his profession in stage equipment engineering, lighting and broadcasting. Since moving to Lyme thirteen years ago, he’s appeared in LRDS productions such as Dad’s Army, Allo, Allo, Outside Edge, Party Piece, Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime, Ghost Train,On the Razzle, A Murder has been Announced, Make Way for Lucia, Dad’s Army, Tons of Money, Local Affairs,A Christmas Carol, Black Comedy.
He was a trustee of the Marine Theatre for 7 years.

1. How long have you been ‘treading the boards’? And what got you involved initially?

Acting since aged 11, at school and in local SW London societies. My father was a keen thespian, and that was how my parents met.

2. What have been the highlights for you?

Any great parts - the Ladies Bracknell and Macbeth (at school), Scrooge at Lyme, many others.

3. And the lowlights?

My sword (an essential prop for the scene) being struck out of my hand to the second row of the stalls in Southampton.

4. You play Sir George Somers in ‘The Tempest of Lyme’, what are your feelings on the character?

Interesting to play a real character from history, but I do slightly miss the Shakespeare!

5. What does living in Lyme mean for you or do for you?

It has so much going for it - the harbour, the sea, the gardens, the theatre (and eventually) the cinema, and loads of interesting people.

6. Is there one play you would like to be involved in given the chance? Or a particular character you would love to play?

The Emcee in 'Cabaret' , or anything Shakespearean at the Minack.

7. If you could describe the upcoming production in one word (yes, I know...impossible!) what would it be?


Thanks Fred!

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