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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


The dust has now settled after the final performance of The Tempest of Lyme and what a performance it was! The whole experience of evolving individual scenes into a cohesive whole was riveting and a joy to observe. En route to being performance ready, the cast and musicians bonded and there have been many friendships forged. I will remember so much about this production, Nicca's masterly Prospera, which was a masterclass in bravado and emotion. The interplay between Nicca and her Ariels was at once both touching and moving and the moments when Prospera was directing no small amount of pain towards her Ariels was especially moving, not least because of artistry of the actresses who combined to give us an unforgettable Ariel. Lucy, Sophie, Aurelia, Freya, Becky, Serena and Faye together were mesmerising. Truth be told, everyone involved in this production gave their all and I was in awe of everyone. I wish it could have gone on longer, I really do. We should be grateful such talent exists in Lyme and its environs from the youngest of our cast to the oldest. (whoever that was! Not me I hasten to add, although....) And Clemmie, dear Clemmie whose vision this was. I only hope we fulfilled it!

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Tracey Owen said...

So well and heartily put young David-Captain Newport-and yes how fair and able were we all.