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Tuesday 25 November 2008

Velvet Night


the night
its velvet coat
is warm protecting
here I can rest
and feel at peace

the moon and stars
my only friends
they tell me stories
of worlds so far away

the night
here I can sleep
and dream of worlds
none have ever seen before


The wind blows through my open window

Billowing the curtains like a ghost

The sound of the rain has slowed

And the night regains its silence

I bring my blanket closer

To keep outside the chill

But the silence calls to me

An eerie orange glow is cast

Over everything in sight

As the silent snowfall begins

Each white speck an intricate design

Melting away into the wet concrete

But the night sky refuses its defeat

The snowfall quickens, thickens

And a crisp white blanket covers the ground

There is no sound at all

The snow has muffled life itself

Tomorrow, children will play

Crunching underfoot

But tonight, the world is silent

Tonight, the world sleeps alone