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Saturday 7 February 2009


One lonely hilltop,
Apart from all the rest,
Just on the horizon,
As if in protest,
It sits through the rain,
Always standing tall,
Taller than the others,
It can beat them all,
The clouds throw dark shadows,
Upon the falling rock,
A once beautiful view,
Mist does tend to block.
If you are just passing,
You might see someone there,
A ghost from long ago,
But some cease to care,
Many sorrowful days
That tall hill has seen
Many deaths and battles,
There have often been.
Sometimes in the mist,
You can't see that hill,
Just a lonely horizon,
That it fails to fill.



Come closer
look with eyes not clouded
a darkening world awaits you
without you they are lost.
Do not hide from your own destiny
remove the shadow from your soul
and realise you are the one
it is your voice they hear.
Go out and make a difference
no matter how very small,
to you it may mean nothing
to others it means all.
Come out of your shell and speak your words
become who you're meant to be.
You are the strongest shield
against the darkened sea.