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Thursday 24 December 2009


The dancer at the gate
of twilight
Sends his lust to
the tall man at the tower.

Walls stand while
wispy embers fade
on the thoughts of
our forgotten grave.

So ends lust
So ends love
So ends life.


The sound of a soft whisper drifts by your ear.
Turning slowly, your eyes meet vibrant eyes staring back.
A hand beckons you to come closer.
Moving slowly, not sure of what to do, you move closer.
Slowly, her lips part, inviting a new emotion to come into you.
Slowly, your lips meet hers.
A never ending form that has met again.
Starting slowly and then starting to burn white
Passion and love overpowering everything else that surrounds you.
All this goodness started by a whisper.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

An Incident in Baker Street

The Thoughts of Doctor Watson.

Holmes and I had spent the evening discoursing pleasantly as befits old friends, we had touched on cases old and new and digressed to take in the history of Venice, the tragedies of Shakespeare and vegetable gardening. I then settled down into that familiar cosy armchair to immerse myself in a sea-faring tale.

No sooner had I done so than my ears were assailed with an irritating high pitched whining noise. I looked at Holmes who was looking down into the street no doubt trying to identify the source of this droning.

I heard a movement at the door and a light seemed to come through the closed door, the light grew and became brighter until the door could no longer be seen. We both shielded our eyes from this unnerving and unnatural light and when it was on the point of being absolutely unbearable it suddenly disappeared and in its place stood a man, strangely attired, but undeniably a man.

" Hello folks," he said " forgive the somewhat bizarre entrance."

We overcame our puzzlement and greeted him cordially and awaited an explanation from our visitor.

" Well, it worked." he said to himself.

" What worked my good man?" asked Holmes.

" My experiment, no, more than that, my life's be able to travel through time."

" Your.......what ??!" I asked.

" Yes I know it's not easy to believe, but allow me to explain."

This he proceeded to do and in doing so lost me completely with talk of thermo-nuclear physics and the like. Holmes was listening attentively, earnestly and asked questions of our visitor incessantly. From what I could understand so much energy had been expounded in propelling our friend back to our time that most of the world of his time had been destroyed and he was asking whether we thought he was still justified in his action.

I poured a brandy and soda for each of us and asked a question that had not seemed to occur to Holmes.

" Tell me, you say the world of your time is now no more thanks to your time travel."

" Yes or pretty much most of it anyway."

" And how far in the future have you travelled from ?"

He glanced at his watch, " Oh, about fifteen minutes."



The newly harrowed fields
were sown with birds,
which fluttered into life
as I passed by.
Like waves of corn
as the wind blows
through it.
A feathered crop of gulls,
whose wheeling flight
and harsh calls
transported me homeward
to the widest skies
and the cold dark dampness
of sand painted a tone darker
by the returning tide.
homeward to the memory
of gritty sandwiches
on the breezy dry sand
at tea time,on a summers evening.
homeward to the fresh sharp seaweed scenting
the turn of the tide.



You slipped away.

A grey ghost in the twilight.

Swallowed by the mist.

I watched you go and thought

That was it.

But I was wrong.

For you return when least expected

A loving ghost

Gentle, watchful

Smiling benevolently

Never intruding or trying to speak.

Nor do I speak to you.

There's nothing new to say to one another.

In the silence we understand without words

And it was always that way.

Thursday 30 April 2009


Here I am
Dancing in eternity
Going with the tune
Flowing with the melody
And soaring with the descant
I dance to an aria
Of aspiration
And melancholia
Wondering if
Somewhere and somehow
There is someone
Expanding the infinity
Of a lifetime
Searching and waiting
For me


She sits here
In her wet clothes
And her rain-soaked hair
Betrays her dangling amethyst earrings,
A remnant of her previous elegance
Immediately shed
Just for a simple walk in the rain.



His eyes so cold and grey
Light up to smile at her.
Only her.
She sees, distressed.
That expression is one she knows so well.
But on him,
It's foreign.
What do I do?
She wonders.
Drawn to those eyes,
Fathoms deep,
But so far away.

Saturday 7 February 2009


One lonely hilltop,
Apart from all the rest,
Just on the horizon,
As if in protest,
It sits through the rain,
Always standing tall,
Taller than the others,
It can beat them all,
The clouds throw dark shadows,
Upon the falling rock,
A once beautiful view,
Mist does tend to block.
If you are just passing,
You might see someone there,
A ghost from long ago,
But some cease to care,
Many sorrowful days
That tall hill has seen
Many deaths and battles,
There have often been.
Sometimes in the mist,
You can't see that hill,
Just a lonely horizon,
That it fails to fill.



Come closer
look with eyes not clouded
a darkening world awaits you
without you they are lost.
Do not hide from your own destiny
remove the shadow from your soul
and realise you are the one
it is your voice they hear.
Go out and make a difference
no matter how very small,
to you it may mean nothing
to others it means all.
Come out of your shell and speak your words
become who you're meant to be.
You are the strongest shield
against the darkened sea.