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Thursday 13 May 2010


Since I left
Where you are
I have made a lover of the sea.

And on the shore
I dance
Back and forth
As the waves caress my feet.

I open my embrace
To the swelling tide
As the mighty waters
Move through my soul
Like a lover


Back and forth
With the gentle rhythm of the waves
I dance.


He lies asleep

Fast in her embrace

As soft tears fall deep

Living, breathing

He sleeps on

Her tears break the bond

While the connection is gone

He barely stirs

As her pain is released

Broken echoes

Of times gone past

In shapes of crystals

Liquid diamonds break fast

All hope is dashed

Her body quivers

Racked with sobs

Face pressed against neck

Flesh to flesh,

Life to life

Tears fall still

Hope is gone

This life is done

The past is coming

But he awakens

Arms wrapping hard

Murmurs, whispers form

Tears fall free

Hope is gone

Morning is dawning

A new start, a new day

And he cries..