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Thursday 30 April 2009


Here I am
Dancing in eternity
Going with the tune
Flowing with the melody
And soaring with the descant
I dance to an aria
Of aspiration
And melancholia
Wondering if
Somewhere and somehow
There is someone
Expanding the infinity
Of a lifetime
Searching and waiting
For me


She sits here
In her wet clothes
And her rain-soaked hair
Betrays her dangling amethyst earrings,
A remnant of her previous elegance
Immediately shed
Just for a simple walk in the rain.



His eyes so cold and grey
Light up to smile at her.
Only her.
She sees, distressed.
That expression is one she knows so well.
But on him,
It's foreign.
What do I do?
She wonders.
Drawn to those eyes,
Fathoms deep,
But so far away.