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Sunday 6 January 2013

'Missing Snowman' now on Kindle!!

Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Snowman is now available for all your lovely Kindles! Or in other words:

"You appear to be keeping things hidden from me, Watson," said Holmes one morning as he lay down his copy of 'The Daily Google' and reached his hand out for his coffee-cup.
"What of it, Holmes? You are content to keep me in the dark on many occasions and to my mind, positively delight in doing so."
"I have my reasons for so doing."
"Be that as it may. What, in your view, have I hidden from you?"
"Simply this; There is an announcement in the 'Google' that your entirely fictitious account of a missing snowman is to be serialised in 'The Kindle'.
"I fail to see that this should be a particular concern for you, Holmes."
"Fail to see? Fail to see, my dear fellow!?", Holmes spluttered, "This will change people's perception of me...whatever will they think of me now?"
"Perhaps, they may ajudge you just a little more likeable or to go further....human!"

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