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Thursday 3 December 2015

Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Snowman

Christmas is coming.....

What to buy for those young, budding Holmesians?

May I suggest.......

Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Snowman!

This is what one reviewer said:                                             

This richly-illustrated children's book is a delightful story of a little girl who had lost her snowman. Naturally, she and her mother visit the famous detective Mr Sherlock Holmes at his lodgings at 221b Baker Street.
Much to Dr Watson's astonishment, the World's foremost consulting detective takes the case and pursues it with his legendary sagacity and tenacity. He discovers - but no, I will not spoil the ending.
The writing is simple enough for a small child to follow, but, as one would expect from veteran Holmes pastiche author David Ruffle, it feels right.
The many detailed illustrations, by Rikey Austin, are superb. We see Holmes sitting by the fire in his slippers reading The Times, while Dr Watson looks out on a snowy Baker Street; Mrs Hudson shows little Henrietta, their five-year-old client in; Holmes examines the scene of the crime through his magnifying glass, and so on. The characters, especially Holmes and Watson, are very well portrayed.
Adults too will appreciate the lovingly-crafted illustrations.

And another:

Move over adult Sherlock Holmes fans, the younger set now get their own version of our favourite intrepid detective, Sherlock Holmes. Written in a gentle yet classical Holmes style, Holmes does what he does best, solve a mystery for a young girl whose snowman has mysteriously vanished. Would definitely recommend this book for children of Sherlock Holmes fans as it's bound to be a classic. The manner in which Holmes solves the mystery should spark the imagination of a younger reader and lead to thoughtful discussion. Just how did Holmes solve the mystery? Discover it yourself in the pages of this well written book. Lovely illustrations much in keeping with the gentle style of the story round out the book nicely.            

Buy it on Amazon UK HERE

Buy it on Amazon USA HERE


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