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Friday, 8 February 2008


The day draws to a close,
the night feels its way, slowly seductively forward.
Light slips away silently tiptoeing behind the clouds.
Darkness holds dominion over all.
Clarity is left behind as the black night envelops the scene.
Trees sway, gentle breezes dance chattering and laughing,
but soon quietness stills the night and settles all around.
Silent, yet, still can be heard for those who care to listen,
voices whispering in the dark, the souls of the night.
The lights of our towns and cities blur natures true vision,
until once again the sun comes to reveal all,
rising once more and the world is refreshed for the new dawn.
The day exhales and light and life is reborn.


Anonymous said...

i like the photos that compliment the stories/poems! :o)

Anonymous said...

obviously like the poems and stories themselves too!! :o)