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Friday, 8 February 2008


When life is dark and stormy,

with fewer ups than downs.

Still waiting for the moment,

when smiles replace the frowns.

You're at that point where life is hell.

A black hole full of glitches.

Then a glorious flash of light,

when hope reborn first twitches.

That moment when you're really sure

that the evidence is plain.

The light at the end of the tunnel,

Isn't a bloody train!

1 comment:

Trevor Marsh said...

Hello David,

I too have written something called "Light at the end of the tunnel".

It was a short story I wrote in the mid 1990's but it started life as a series of bedtime stories that I used to tell my son.

Anyway I have now taken early retirement from the Civil Service and I am currently busy writing more to expand it into a full blown book. I thought I should just check whether anyone else had done a book of this name.

Like youur poem and blog.

Best wishes

Trevor Marsh