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Tuesday, 26 February 2008



The sea is calm and expectant
On the horizon a flash of light
The sun casts its rays across the sea
Like the shadows of a unfurling hand
The golden light bathes the town
And people awake from their dreams
Dreams by the sea

The aches and pains of the day before
Are forgotten as the life enriching sun empowers them
The fishermen stretch and yawn
And gaze at the calm waters
They smile at each other knowingly
Today will be a good day for their dreams
Dreams from the sea

The sun reflects on the sails of the boats
The harbour is awash with light colour and noise
Pleasure boats and speedboats arrive
Their owners eager to sail
A flotilla twists and turns out of the harbour
Each man woman and child fulfilling their dreams
Dreams of the sea

The sea is calm once again
Fishermen have returned home with their catch
A restfulness spreads over the town
Parents put their children to bed
And wish them pleasant dreams
Dreams of the sea.

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