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Thursday, 7 February 2008



It was Anniversary time again, how quickly it came round each year. And here he was again doing the waiting, waiting for her to show up....some things never change, he thought to himself, smiling. And of course she would be drunk again, not that he blamed her in any way, it was out of her control after all. As indeed it was for him, destiny that is, but he was here at least facing up to the inevitable.

He looked up the dark road and saw approaching headlights. This could be her, no, it went on by at speed, not slowing down for a second.Besides he should have known it wouldn't be her.....she was never early.

He paced up and down a little, she won't be long he thought, his watch hadn't worked for years so he couldn't be sure of the exact time would be soon.

Then he saw the headights, obviously hers this time, the car veering wildly all over the place, the driver losing control of the machine. He stood rooted to the spot, unable to move, watching the headlights as they danced towards him.

He closed his eyes and awaited the impact, at least it wouldn't hurt, nothing had hurt since that night.

" Happy Anniversary" he whispered as the car made familiar contact.

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