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Thursday, 7 February 2008


Christmas Day was slowly moving towards evening as the sun slowly sank behind the village church. The last light of day cast deepening shadows thoughout the graveyard as she passed. She always loved this time of day the grave yard seemed so quiet and peaceful it residents undisturbed in their eternal rest. "Why is it only the good die young ?" she thought, pausing to look at the gravestone of a young girl in her twenties.

With a sigh she ran her hand along the top of the gravestone before moving away back towards the church.Pausing she picked a single red rose lifting the delicate bloom she allowed the sweet scent to fill her senses as she entered the church. A chill breeze greeted her from within, shifting her long chestnut hair behind her, before she was lost in the darkness inside. Slowly she picked her way though the darkness towards the pulpit, lighting a small candle she moved towards the back of the church. As the small light gently spilled over the altar she could have sworn she sure a small boy kneeling there in front of the altar in prayer, but looking again he was gone. Leaving just the cold empty gloom of the church. Slowly she moved around the church lighting the candles until the whole church was filled with a soft warm light. It was only then that she noticed the Bible laying open on the floor. Bending down to pick up the book a chill breeze sprang up from within the church, blowing out the candles and shifting the pages in front of her. Looking down she could only just make out six words on the well-worn page. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" she read aloud, "The lord bless you and keep you" a voice seemed to echo though the church. Dropping the Bible she span round searching for the source of the voice, there in the shadows she could see the same little boy standing by an open door to the left of the altar before the shadows seemed to swallowed him and he was gone.Lighting another candle she moved towards the open door searching for the unseen child. "Hello is there any one there" she called slowly picking her away though the nave. "It's ok I wont hurt you". The light lit no more than a few feet ahead of her as she entered though the open door into the vestry. The heavy smell of incense filled the small room, strange that she had not smelt it in the church its self. Moving around the room she could just make out the darkened shapes of chairs and table. A huge, heavy Bible lay open on the table a gold rosary marking the page. Moving closer she could cleary read the marked passage below, fear pierced her heart as see once again read the same passage, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust".A small figure moved in the darkness by the chair, quickly she turned but the light of the candle revealed nothing. A light breeze touched her cheek indicated that the back door to the graveyard was left ajar. The sound of footsteps outside the door sent her running to open it.

There by the last light of day she could know clearly see the small boy standing by a gravestone. There he stood as if waiting for her, slowly she walked towards him each step seeming to take a lifetime as she moved towards the chestnut haired boy. Gently he took her hand not taking his eyes from the gravestone. Slowly she read the inscription on the stone. "Teresa Smith, 1980 to 2007 Loving wife and mother. Peter Smith, 1996 to 2007. Loving son". Squeezing her hand the little boy looked into her eyes. "Come on Mummy time to go home".

Silently the moon rose casting its pale glow upon an empty graveyard. It's residents once more undisturbed in their sleep.

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