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Thursday, 7 February 2008


Whats new ? Last weekend saw the close of Lyme Regis ArtsFest week, where all artists etc in the town throw open their studios and homes to all and sundry and impress us ( or otherwise ) with their prowess in their chosen field. For the tourist this is exactly what it means, for the residents, its an annual chance to poke about in other peoples houses, to generally nose whilst making the appropriate "oohs" and "aahs" at the particular art on offer be it the most wonderful painting or a model of The Cobb made entirely from seagull droppings. This culminates in a grand ball or celebration on the sea front to mark the end of Nosefest, sorry, ArtsFest to which all are invited, strict rules govern these occasions lest they become out of hand, for instance all Rugby players are barred, horseplay and tampering with food is also discouraged, and vomiting, for most people living outside Scotland and Australia, is an unfamiliar, nauseating, unedifying and unpleasant spectacle and is to be avoided, dancing is strictly controlled on these occasions as it is such a dangerous activity as it involves the holding and touching of both sexes which can naturally lead on to silly expressions on ones face, not going out with ones chums, long hours waiting at school gates, unavailability for cricket matches and ultimately marriage. I did think of throwing my humble abode open during the week and becoming a "performance poet" reciting poems to suit the occasion but then realised in the nick of time that I may be required to vacuum daily or even dust the furniture and life is far too short for that ! The Angel Inn opposite has been much quieter of late so no disturbed nights, Coombe Street is never entirely silent but nowhere is a perverse fact of human society that those with the least musical taste wish to share it with others and those with nowhere to go are possesssed of the noisiest vehicles.....

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