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Monday, 18 February 2008



Life sucks sometimes.Here she was with nothing to do, nowhere to go and all her mates off doing things together, so-called mates. She felt like a modern-day Cinderella all apart from doing the housework that is. She had even asked her brother, Jay, if he would take her for a spin in his new car and was turned down flat. Brothers and mates eh ?, she thought, who needs them !?

She had been consoling herself with a huge dish of ice-cream, topped off with a precariously balanced heap of chocolate shavings when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

" God, Jay.....don't do that, I jumped a mile, you must have tip-toed across the floor deliberately."

" Sorry sis, didn't mean to scare you."

" Any other apologies for me, like for not taking me out in your car?"

" Sorry for that too Em.....but glad also."

"What the hell does that mean 'glad also' ? "

Jay just stood there looking at her, unblinking, unmoving.

" Yeah-yeah whatever" Em said scornfully. " Why not take me out in it now then ? "

As she said it, she turned and glanced out of the kitchen window towards the driveway. No car. Odd.

" You haven't lost your car already, surely, you've only had it a day ."

Jay looked intently at her " I have to go now sis, I love you ok ? "

"Yeah right and don't forget you promised to watch that movie with me later . "

"Don't think I can do that now Em, tell Mum I love her too."

Why the hell was he acting so weirdly, she thought. Just then the phone rang and disconnected her from her thoughts. She walked across the kitchen to the extension on the wall and picked up the handset.

" Em, it's Mum" She sounded awful thought Em, could hardly get the words out. " Be ready in five minutes darling, ...been in bad way.....think......we need to get there as we can........before......before. " Her voice tailed off.

Em looked over to the now, empty spot where Jay had been standing. She composed herself and with a shaky voice, slowly said..

" Mum, I think we're going to be too late".

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